Located at the gateway of Tay Ho West urban area.

We are glad to supply FRP/GRP water tanks for this project with many difference tanks size:

5mL x 4(2+2)mW x 2mH       - 01 tank

(7mL x 6mW x 3mH)+ (10mL x 4mW x 3mH)+ (7mL x 2mW x 3mH).                      - 01 tank

5mL x 4(3+3)mW x 3mH       - 01 tank

16(8+8)mL x 6mW x 3mH      - 01 tank

6(3+3)mL x 5mW x 3mH       - 01 tank

19.5mL x 5mW x 3mH         - 01 tank

Location: North Tu Liem, Ha Noi